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Claudia’s teaching is an inspiration and always hits the right spot. Her class is an essential part of my week.
— Lucy Hannah, Yogapoint
I first joined Claudia’s classes when I was deep into training for my first marathon to improve my strength and flexibility. I have since completed six running events at marathon distance or longer and can honestly say that the first one (and only one so far where I have supplemented my training with yoga practice due to a nasty wrist-break sustained when out running!) was the most enjoyable, easiest to complete and quickest to recover from. Needless to say, I have learnt the lesson and I am back in Claudia’s capable hands now I am training for my longest distance race yet – 100km. I fully recommend Claudia’s classes to all runners to supplement their training.
— Suzanne Janes, The Access Project / Mornington Chasers Running Club
I have been to classes in several styles of yoga with many teachers over more than 20 years and I’ve found Claudia’s classes to be among the best I’ve ever been to. I always feel more calm, focussed and energised after the sessions. She gives clear guidance on the postures and useful personal assistance where necessary, and creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the classes.
— James Davey, Kagyu Samye Dzong London
Claudia is supportive and encouraging, professional, yet not too serious, which is the perfect approach for a class of apprehensive work colleagues of mixed abilities. I walk out feeling taller and energised.
— Lucy Keens, Walters & Cohen
Claudia is a caring and patient yoga teacher. Her instructions are always so clear and assuring that I find myself doing the poses that I have never imagined doing.
— Marianne Zylstra, Walters & Cohen
I joined Claudia’s classes as a beginner. Claudia has a calming yet encouraging teaching style, which immediately puts you at ease. She wants the best for you during practice and will correct postures in a supportive way. I always leave her class with a renewed energy and a clear mind, and I have noticed my flexibility increasing as a result of regular attendance.
— Emily Clarke, Shakespeare Schools Festival
Claudia is a pleasure to have as a teacher and always makes sure to be aware of any injuries individuals are working with. I myself have a long term tendon issue and my Osteopath seemed very pleased with my progress, and is now confident to increase the time frame between my treatments. I would highly recommend attending Claudia’s classes.
— Jordana Shinerock, Kagyu Samye Dzong London
Claudia is my kind of Yoga teacher. Her class comprises of all sorts of shapes, ages and levels of flexibility so I am not made to feel over sixty (despite the concessionary rate) by some trendy twenty year old Houdini hippy type. No, the atmosphere she creates in her class is uncompetitive, non judgemental with an emphasis on doing what feels right for the individual within the Yogic discipline. She is full of praise and encouraging in her teaching style, modest and unpretentious but skilled, she comes over as being a good person. I like her and her approach to Yoga.
— Daniela Raimes, Kagyu Samye Dzong London
I have enjoyed your classes very much. I find they are very well balanced between being challenging and energising and relaxing at the same time. I find myself calm after the class but with a clear head and clear thoughts! Your teaching seems incredibly encouraging and inclusive for all.
— Louisa Dan, Kagyu Samye Dzong London
I am a relative beginner to yoga, but have tried several different classes. Comparing Claudia to the other instructors, I can say she is very precise in her instructions, brings a bit of humour to her class and the ‘flow’ type of yoga she teaches gives you a great workout. Highly recommended.
— Simon Pascoe, Kagyu Samye Dzong London
Claudia’s classes have been fantastic. Claudia continually explains how to adjust positions to ensure we get the most out of our practice; pushing ourselves but always finishing up feeling wonderful.
— Nichola Finch, Walters & Cohen
I have really enjoyed being a regular at Claudia’s class. She adapts her style to suit the needs of the class and is able to work to different strengths at the same time. Since starting this class I have noticed that I have gained strength, particularly in my upper body, and feel more chilled out too!
— Alanna Beeken, Shakespeare Schools Festival
Claudia’s class combines movement, breath, spirituality, and philosophy. Claudia has a great presence which makes her a natural teacher, she is mindful and approaches each student individually.
— Claire Pierce, Walters & Cohen
The class was superb. It was a great balance of energising and peaceful, really well tailored for our team, and set us up wonderfully for the day.
— Dan, Unicef Team Building Awayday
Claudia’s manner inspired confidence and influenced a lovely calm atmosphere. The session was enjoyable as well as literally stretching. The closing meditation was a gentle transition back to my daily routine. What a start to Monday...
— Shaulan, Unicef Team Building Awayday
It was the perfect way to start a planning day. The yoga session left us relaxed, refreshed and thinking clearly.
— Kate, Unicef Team Building Awayday

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